1. To prepare the list of organizations and institutions with waving opportunities  of placements, projects and Internships, at the beginning of each academic year with the active involvement of the committee members of the respective department in the Industry Institutions Interaction cell 
  2. To nurture the candidates with  broader concepts of aptitude, prepare the candidates by training them in aptitude, reasoning, mental ability ,verbal and Group Discussions.
  3. Having a bird view on the various organizations tide up with our institute.
  4. Collaborative team work with various organizations to ensure smooth academic activities.
  5. To Bridge the gap between industry and institution. To enter into MOU with various organizations which can contribute for overall development of the students of the institute.
  6. To organize the workshops, conference and Symposia with the joint participation of the faculty and the Industries.
  7. Joint Research and Development activities and field studies by faculty and people from Industries.
  1. Providing support, advice and timely information to the management, faculty and students regarding the tie ups with the industries and institutions
  2. Entering required course component details of institutions as per the industry requirement within prescribed timeframes
  3. Analyzing the Provisional course outcome with all relevant resource persons faculty staff and management, for errors, appropriateness and quality
  4. Attempting to resolve issues related to previous fields trips made to the industries as part of industrial tour.
  5. Planning for further collaborations with the organization for the purpose of training and placement of students in companies.