| Department of Business Management


To evolve as a leading management institution for girl students that provides quality education with global standards and nurtures moral values and ethics in a progressive and innovative learning environment thereby fostering women empowerment


  • To adopt effective ICT tools and promote participative learning.
  • To facilitate learning in an innovative learning environment on par with the global standards and continuously strive to embrace the developments in the world of Business.
  • To engage students in outbound training programs and enable them to have a effortless transition into the world of work and business.
  • To promote women entrepreneurship through Rishi E-cell SmART, by training & connecting students to entrepreneurial networks

Quality Policy

  • To continuously strive for excellence in education by adopting best pedagogical tools to constantly foster development of the institution by updating the facilities of the institution.
  • To invest in continual development of faculty.
  • To build partnerships with industry and other organizations to empower the students