Department of Science |


  • To grow as a leading knowledge organization providing innovative, effective solutions to the students.
  • To inculcate values, provide education by making it accessible to all sections of society.
  • To impart education of the highest standard through best practices.
  • To strive for all students to use higher order thinking skills in order to reach their maximum learning potential.


  • To cultivate the intellectual, social, and emotional wellbeing of every student with transformative knowledge.
  • To provide safe supportive and rigorous learning environment.
  • To provide outcome-based education and to improve graduation outcomes.
  • Through this course students learn about the different areas of mathematics.
  • To help students study the design development and analysis of software and hardware effectively so that they use to solve problems in a various areas.
  • Studying physics strengthens quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills that are valuable in areas beyond physics.
  • To impart Electronics students with practical knowledge improving the devices and systems we use everyday life, we innovate to meet society’s communication technology and energy needs.
  • To mold Statistics students to adapt to main role in the field of research, helping in the collection, analysis and presentation of data.

Quality Policy

  • Strict compliance to applicable standard and regulations for all of our activities
  • High level of focus on quality has been an expectation as education system is Strengthening .
  • Encouraging initiatives from faculty and providing effective teaching learning environment .
  • Monitoring the learning outcomes of the programmes provided to the students.
  • Offer well equipped instruments where practical experimenting and testing hypothesis supports the students to be more practical and help to achieve better understanding of the concepts.