Yasa Jyothi Reddy

I’m sharing my experience here…As you are going to appear for interviews in your 3rd year.
Hope it helps you.
As a first step go through internships. so that you will get an idea about interview process and work experience and you can also mention your internship in your resume, it strengthens your profile(resume). If you want to get placed in an IT company you should also focus on your computer subjects such as C,C++,Java, Python etc. Prepare your resume in an effective manner. It should be short and simple. Mention those programming languages which you know. Interviewer asks questions from the programming languages which you mentions in your resume during your second round of interview i.e Technical round. Be focused on training sessions such as Mahindra Pride classrooms(MPC) and TASK Trainings. For sure these training sessions helps you in your further phases. keep practicing apptitude and reasoning problems As it will be the first round of interview. The more you practice, The more efficient you become. Before applying, check the company requirements and work on those requirements.

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